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ePay International Business solutions.
ePayments makes it easy to do business worldwide by helping you to sell your products and receive payments instantly from any where in the world Selling products and receiving payments between countries is quite a challenge.

International wires are expensive while opening a foreign bank account can take weeks and not always possible. ePayments offers an alternative business solution. We make it simple to pay suppliers, purchase products online and accept payments directly from your customers.

Our Services

As experts in local and global payments processing, we know how difficult it is to enter worldwide markets. That's why we've done the professional work for you, from learning about regional payment method preferences to translating our checkout into multi languages. With the e-payment gateway services, you get everything you need for global expansion. Not just support for trusted payment methods, but effortless integration with our quick API, stylish personalized checkouts, and a level of care and support that bigger payment processors simply can't match with e-payments

Super fast payment

It's fast and easy to withdraw money using popular methods.

Cheaper payment fees

ePayment offers cheaper rates in the market for payment processing

Refund system

If the products is not same and is different then customer can ask refund from merchant

Secure & Reliable

e-Pay is making payments securely in any currency with all your transactions tracked in a single interface

instant Transaction

All transactions are processed real time and instantly on the e-pay servers

API Ready

Our API ready gives you instant notification of the status and payment options on your server.

WHY e-Wallet

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